X02 Vacuum-Drawers


The XO2 Vacuum-Drawer and one-way valve container vacuum storage system is the new, unequaled and timeless standard for kitchen food storage management, preservation and vacuum technology, seamlessly combining a graceful simplicity with a sophisticated efficiency.

The Vacuum-Drawer storage system creates vacuum environments inside one-way valve containers and bags placed inside refrigerator, freezer and kitchen vacuum drawers.

Place your sealed one-way valve food containers and bags into the Vacuum-Drawer and close it.

That's it - You're done - Relax.
Simple, safe and fast. Managed, preserved and stored.

The Vacuum-Drawer, when closed, automatically creates a predetermined vacuum level inside the drawer, that also vacuum seals the drawer closed, and in turn simultaneously creates vacuum environments inside single or multiple one-way valve containers and bags placed into the drawer. After a predetermined vacuum level is created inside the drawer the vacuum source automatically deactivates, releasing the vacuum from inside the drawer; however, each sealed container and bag inside the drawer retains its unique vacuum environment. The containers and bags can be stored in the drawer.

The Vacuum-Drawer effortlessly preserves the fresh taste, texture and nutrients of foods 3-5 times longer than those conventionally stored by creating vacuum sealed environments inside one-way valve containers and bags to prevent humidity, oxidation, the growth of bacteria and freezer burn in your food. The Vacuum-Drawer preserves and stores any mix of foods from coffees, breads, teas and spices to cheeses, meats, vegetables and fish.

The Vacuum-Drawer is available in several models that can also operate as standard vacuum drawers. The Vacuum-Drawer includes a selection of one-way valve containers and bags calibrated and designed for maximum vacuum efficiency and drawer storage capacity.

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